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If you want to plan an exclusive event in a unique ambient, our CODE Frankfurt Food Team shall be ready to help you. In collaboration with James and David Ardinast we shall provide you a special catering which is exactly tailored to satisfy your wishes. Our 120 m² large event area, designed in industrial style, with a tremendous view on the Goetheplatz and the extraordinary glass pyramid, the main feature of the One Goetheplaza, offers you a wonderful platform for your event. For events in open area, the 450 m² large roof terrace in the middle of Frankfurt Skyline, is a wonderful and stunning place.

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Bar evenings

In our 450 m² large roof terrace and in our 100 m² large interior area in the middle of Frankfurt Skyline you can enjoy the evening after the end of your work while having a “sundowner” in a very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. James and David Ardinast will charme your senses with their creative drinks. The brothers who are running the Pastrami Restaurant “Maxie Eisen” and have also reopened the “Stanly Diamond” play an important role in the culinary Coming Out of Frankfurt’s Main Station residential quarter.


Nutrition Consultation

The stability of your health condition depends mainly on your nutrition. For this reason, we pay great attention to healthy meals and drinks. A balanced nutrition results in enabling you to have better sleep,  better concentration at your work, less nervousness and less vulnerability for allergy and diseases.
Our CODE Frankfurt Food Team will establish together with you food- based recommandations which includes proteins, carbohydrates, fats, trace elements, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers and a lot of fluids in a very reasonable balance.
This nutrition plan is designed to suit exactly your personal needs. With the help of our experts you shall easily find out which meals are delicate and easily digestible.
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Cook Training

In our cooking training groups you shall learn how to prepare excellent full value dishes, which can be prepared quickly. Our module offers different main areas: cook with ingredients that shall promote your performance capability, and support your sports activities, or learn how to prepare dishes that are suitable for your nutrition limitations.
Our modules:

• Cooking with nutrition limitations.
• Enjoy vegetarian food
• Quick meals for people with limited time frames

We shall be very glad to advise you personally. Please just contact us regarding our current course themes.



Our CODE Nutrition Consultation offers you information events for groups or individuals regarding different themes. Your individual interests are on top of our priority list. We provide healthy and light meals, taking into consideration cases of intolerance, like lactose or fructose intolerance. Our experts advise you regarding quick and healthy meals for working people or for specific forms of nutrition like vegetarian, vegan, paelo or low-carb diets .

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Educational grocerie shopping training

You have a fantastic recipe, but you don’t know exactly where and how you can buy for good prices the required ingredients? In our shopping training, our nutrition scientists shall develop with you strategies, which shall help you to recognize healthy ingredients and to avoid unhealthy ones.
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Weight loss

Trials to lose weight are always connected with failure in reaching and maintaining the ideal weight. Our CODE Nutrition Adviser recommands to you, based on a medical-diagnostic foundation, a nutrition concept that suits you personally. Integrated with the complete CODE cencept we avoid the feared JOJO-Effect.

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Der Weg zu einer gesunden Mittagspause führt jetzt auch in unsere Genuss-Arena im One Goetheplaza: Im Mittelpunkt stehen gesunde Gerichte, die gemeinsam von unseren Ernährungswissenschaftler, Ärzten und Gastronomen entwickelt wurden. Zum Lunch bieten wir Ihnen gesunde Basis-Gerichte sowie regelmäßig wechselnde, saisonale Spezialitäten. Abgerundet wird unser Angebot durch erfrischende Drinks und frisch zubereitete Smoothies.

Genießen Sie Ihre Mittagspause inmitten der Frankfurter Skyline auf unserer 450 Quadratmeter großen Dachterrasse oder in unserem 100 Quadratmeter großen Restaurantbereich und freuen Sie sich über unseren vorzüglichen Service.


We offer a healthy, modern cuisine, to complement your medical therapy or to provide you with a daily healthy lunch.

Nutrition is an important basic element for your health. This is exactly why we implement our new food concept CODE Food. In the focus you find healthy dishes, which were developed in collaboration with our nutrition scientists, physicians and gastronomists. We offer you beside healthy basic dishes, regularly changing daily specialties.Further we offer a variety of refreshing and healthy drinks. In addition to the gastronomical concept, the unique location of CODE Food plays an important role.
You can enjoy our delightful service at the centre of Frankfurt Skyline in our 450 m² large roof terrace or in our 100 m² large restaurant area. The architectural extraordinary Glass Pyramid over the roof of Frankfurt is an unique attraction in this great city.




Opening hours

For appointments, we are available from Monday to Friday between 08:00 AM to 20:00 PM
Saturday from 10:00 AM- 16:00 PM for telephone calls, or any time via Email.