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CODE Medical

CODE Medicine contains our medical services in diagnostics health center in academic standards. We are distinguished for our individually carried out diagnosis and treatment, which goes beyond the boundaries of different specializations. Well renowned physicians from different specializations are working together at CODE Frankfurt and share acquired knowledge. An interdisciplinary experienced specialist from CODE Medical, the so called reception physician, is your personal counterpart. Our reception physicians work together with the rest of the specialists’ team to deCODE YOUR CODE!! CODE Medical works closely with CODE Sports, CODE Food as well as CODE Campus.

Please visit us to convince yourself from our holistic medical concept. We decided to join CODE Frankfurt because our goal is to redefine medical care.




CODE Medical covers our medical services in the Diagnostic and Health Centre. We offer you more than 20 specializations.

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Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine
Occupational medicine
Aesthetical medicine
Aesthetical surgery
Nutritional medicine
Endocrinology and diabetology
Vascular surgery
Laboratory Medicine
Reproduction medicine
Sports medicine
Nutrition consultation


Nowadays work, family and leisure time demand from us more than any time before.
High performance can only be achieved if the balance between body, mind and soul is given. With the help of our CODE concepts you can optimize your physical and mental abilities. CODE Frankfurt shall always support you to turn your challenges into chances. We are working on interdisciplinary basis in the fields of mind concept, body concept and beauty concept. Your reception physician shall always support you as your direct person in charge.

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Mind Concept

Beside a healthy body, a strong psyche is always a sign of successful personality. We shall guide you personally all the way to achieve this goal. Our experts developed for this purpose their own concept: first, they analyze your goals with you. Then, our experts from the medical, sports, food and campus fields develop with you and your mind adviser your personal concept for a balanced relationship between the body and the psyche. This holistic view cares for long lasting results which can accompany you through all your life.

We would like to advise you personally. Just contact us.




Beauty concept

Schönheit, beauty, beauté…. ist ein abstrakter Begriff und bezeichnet Dinge oder Eigenschaften, die wir als ästhetisch ansprechend oder besonders angenehm empfinden. Mit unserem einzigartigen Konzept bringen wir Ihre natürliche Schönheit zum Erstrahlen.

Wir möchten zunächst Ihre Vorstellungen und Ihren Schönheitstyp kennen lernen. Anschließend entwickeln unsere Experten aus den Bereichen Medical, Sports, Foods und Campus mit Ihnen und Ihrem persönlichen Beauty-Betreuer Ihr individuelles Konzept zur Vollendung und dem Erhalt Ihrer Schönheit.

Diese ganzheitliche Herangehensweise sorgt für nachhaltige Ergebnisse und kann Sie ein Leben lang begleiten: Parallel hilft Ihnen Mind Concept herauszufinden, welche Veränderungen Ihrem natürlichen Typ entsprechen. Die Personal Trainer von CODE Sports unterstützen Sie gerne zusätzlich durch ein Programm zur Straffung Ihres Körpers und für eine verbesserte Körperhaltung.

Zusammen mit CODE Food können Sie ein Ernährungsprogramm zur Unterstützung Ihrer Ziele entwickeln. Neben diesen natürlich erzielten Effekten können auch individuell angepasste Mittel der ästhetischen Medizin eingesetzt werden.

Gerne beraten wir Sie persönlich und individuell. Sprechen Sie uns an!

Unsere Leistungen:

Food concept

With our Food concept we smooth your way for more wellbeing. Healthy nutrition is the base for a healthy life. In order to be healthy and able to move easily and stay mentally fit, the whole body should be involved.

Our Food concept, taking your full physically condition into consideration, shall enable you to start a perfect nutrition program.

We would like to guide you in every topic about your body and your goals. Finally our experts from the Food, Medical, Sports and Campus fields and your personal Food adviser, shall develop with you your personal concept.

This holistic view cares for lasting results which can accompany you through all your life.
In collaboration with CODE Food, you shall find your way to your goals.

CODE frankfurt would like to advise you personally. Just contact us.



For companies

The most important property of a company are the employees. Long-term success is possible only with healthy, well-balanced and motivated employees. Nowadays the employees of companies must fulfil complicated demands which change steadily. However, also for employers the demands change: Here in particular the wish of the employees for an attractive work life balance plays an increasingly more important role.
Therefore, we offer for your employees the varied preventive and complementary offers which are also attractive within the scope of the operational health promotion.
Our comprehensive services aims for the unity of body, mind and soul, worthwhile investment for your company and your employees.

An excellent care and perfect comfort expects your employees. With pleasure we will consult you personally and individually.



CODE Medical offers more than 20 medical fields. From these we provide for you and the employees an individual, by your wishes and demands developed care contract. Within 45 minutes after establishment of contact we enable to your employees in our house a medical care at university level.

Besides, if necessary, your employees have an appointment with one of our CODE Frankfurt specialists after at the latest 24 hours. Accoarding to our comprehensive interdisciplinary draught, there are other CODE services like CODE Sport or CODE Food available. In order to supply your employees in the long term optimally, either within the scope of the operational health management or after the visit at one of our doctors.
CODE Frankfurt consults you personally and individually.





Check ups

CODE Medical encloses more than 20 medical fields as well as specialists in the areas sport and nutrition. So that you can optimally use all our achievement offers, we have put together to you specially conceived check ups.
With pleasure we consult you personally and individually. Contact us or use our contact form!




Operational health promotion

If requested our sports scientists and sports therapists around CODE Sport will together with you, prepare an individual, health-oriented programme for you and your employees which is tuned to the demands and temporal possibilities of your company. The competent CODE Sports Team have integrated in their training the most modern knowledge. Besides, you and your employees can train individually or in small groups.
The training units with our engaged personal trainers can take place in our training centre as well as on our exclusive terrace, with you in the house or outdoors under the open sky.
With pleasure we consult you personally and individually.



For Private

No human resembles the other. That’s why a medical treatment is only effective if it understands every person individually and as a unity from body, mind and soul.

CODE Frankfurt is an interdisciplinary diagnostic- and health center, where internationally leading physicians are working. The cooperation in the interdisciplinary fields aims to reach a personal concept for you.
In addition to medical services, other fields that are closely related to medicine are also covered. These include psychotherapy, physiotherapy, nutrition consultation, coaching and personal training. This shall enable you to improve your health sustainably and on the long run. In our pleasant environment, you shall be able to receive medical services and other fields closely related to medicine.

Our offers for interdisciplinary services are available for privately insured persons, self-payers and companies as well as international clients.

We shall work out with you your personal CODE!


Concept clients

The reception physician shall always be your guide and he plays a great role in our concept. He acts as the interface between the general and specialized patients care. He is the contact person, your confidant and coordinator for many treatment and coaching concepts.

Your reception physician is your contact point for all your CODE activities.

We would like to advise you. Just contact us.


Individual diagnosis

CODE Medical includes more than 20 medical specializations as well as sport specialists and nutrition specialists. In all specializations as well as in the field of physiotherapy and sport, you can book for individual appointments.

We would like very much to advise you personally. Just contact us or use our contact form.


Check ups

To enable you to make the utmost use of our services, we designed a check up concept for you.

We would like to advise you personally. Just contact us or use our contact form!




Medical consulting

Would you like to have medical consulting or a second opinion? Your reception physician will be glad to inform you and work out with you useful further steps to improve your health.
This might be an examination by one of our specialists, which can result in a certain therapy or in an operation, or simply an advice to change your life style. Your reception physician is the contact person, your confidant and coordinator for many treatment and coaching concepts at CODE Frankfurt. He shall also advise you in all matters related to your fitness and health, at any time and regardless where you are in this world.

We would like to advise you personally. Just contact us or use our contact form!



Patienten Information (Websites/adresses in Germany and mostly german language)

Health portal

Self-helping groups

Expert information








Guide lines of expert associations





Sleep medicine

Our offers include links to external websites of other institutions, but we don’t have any influence on them. Therefore we take no responsibility for their contents. Only those offering the websites or their operators are responsible. Linked websites were legally checked at the time of that action. No illegal contents were found at that time. A constant check of the contents is not possible unless quite evident illegal action was found. In such cases we shall immediately remove such contents.


Check Up Philosophy

Our CODE Frankfurt Check ups offers you the chance to receive an optimal diagnosis with the highest standards in a place designed to suit you personally. This could be the start for a lasting healthy future. We believe that health is the harmony between body, mind and soul, just equally to the definition made by the World Health Organization.

Our Check up package is divided into three groups:
Quick check up: ½ day quick health analysis – general condition test
Basic Check up: 1 day – includes thorough health analysis basic for CODE concepts and basic check up Plus
Basic Check up: 2 days – further investigations of formerly identified health analysis – with focus on main special risks.
Premium: Costs depend on offered services

Arrange an appointment for yourself or your employees for consultation

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Check-up Overview


Opening hours

For appointments, we are available from Monday to Friday between 08:00 AM to 20:00 PM
Saturday from 10:00 AM- 16:00 PM for telephone calls, or any time via Email.